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When Is The Right Time to Replace Your Troy, Michigan Roof?

“I wish I had seen this earlier!” High chances are you have said this before, or perhaps you’ve come across someone saying this. Most homeowners don’t even think about their roofs until a problem knocks at the door, and it’s too late: out of sight, out of mind. Untimely roofing repairs and replacements result in high correction costs due to huge damages. To avoid all these inconveniences, pay attention to these signs of your roof, communicating that it needs urgent repair or replacement.

It’s been ages since you replaced your roof

The average lifespan of an asphalt roof in Michigan is about twenty years, while a metal roof can serve you up to forty years. Scratch your mind for a minute and try to recall when was the last time your roof was changed. Has it lived up to its life expectancy? If yes, perhaps it’s time to lay your old roof to rest.

Your shingles are broken, missing or curled

Like everything else in life, nothing lasts forever. Your roof gets exposed to multiple destructive elements such as ice, algae, pests, tree branches, and heat. Over time, your shingles may begin to become loose and fall off. Some will give in to drastic expansion and contraction due to the temperatures and break or crack. For wrongly installed shingles, they tend to curl outwards or bulge inwards. These conditions create the perfect entry point for water to sip underneath the roof layers, causing rot and mold growth. The earlier you correct these conditions, the better your chances of saving it. Your desired roofing company will inspect its current state and advise best on whether to replace or repair the roof.

Clogged and loose gutters

Unknown to many homeowners, gutters are an integral component of the roofing system in Troy. Gutters are responsible for redirecting collected water into a reservoir, therefore, protecting your house’s siding and adjacent structures. These structures are also highly underrated and mostly forgotten during routine roof maintenance. Inspect your gutters for accumulated debris and silt that may deter its functions. Also, due to the accumulated weight from the debris and sediment, your gutters tend to become loose, which could create the perfect environment for water damage. Your roofing contractor should clean the gutters and repair any loose downspouts and gutter sections.

Faulty flashing

Typically, flashing is a new term to the average homeowner, which explains why it’s often overlooked. The flashing is a material commonly made from galvanized steel that roofers utilize to redirect water away from certain regions of the roof that have structures such as the vent or chimney. The technicality in it makes it a susceptible target area that can go for ages suffering from damage but remains unnoticed. Normally, if the flashing becomes loose or faulty, water may seep into your attic, inviting damage or mold growth. Hire a roofing company to help you determine if your flashing is properly functioning, needs a repair or an entire replacement.

Sagging roof deck

According to roofing regulations, codes, and standards in Troy, roof lines must be fairly straight to certify a roof’s integrity. It’s okay for your roof to conform to unique pitches and designs, but if they begin to warp or sag, this is a clear indication that your roof could be falling.

Light shining through your attic

If you notice beams of light coming from outside through the attic, that’s an evident opening on your roof. Water can invade your attic and encourage mold growth and structure rot if not sealed immediately. Roofing companies recommend immediate inspection of existing damage, restoration, and repair. The replacement of shingles may also accompany this.

Your energy bills are shooting

Defective ventilation systems in your attic and algae growth on the roof could be the main reason why you’ve been recording rising energy bills. Call in your roofer to address the ventilation issues and sort out your heating and cooling expenses.

Roof leaks

Water sipping through your ceiling and wet walls are one of the most apparent signs that indicate roof failure. Depending on the intensity of the leaks and level of water damage, your roofing contractor might recommend an entire roof replacement or a quick repair.

Does your roof in Troy, Michigan, have the above-discussed signs? Perhaps it’s time to look for a reliable roof company and invite Martino Home Improvements over and discuss your options.

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