Troy Michigan Roof Damage

Top Signs That Your Troy Michigan Roof Needs Replacement

You could be the perfect homeowner, always timely with the roofing fixes and maintenance practices, but your roof cannot last forever. It’s only natural for your roofing system to reach the end of its life expectancy. While you might have been lucky not to experience any roof failure before, there are signs you need to look out for that indicate you need an immediate roof replacement in Troy, Michigan.

The age of your roof

The standard asphalt shingle roofing can last up to twenty years with great maintenance over the years. On the other hand, metal roofing lasts up to forty years. Every roofing material has its own unique lifespan. Over time, your roof will suffer wear and tear as it stands against all weather elements to protect you and your belongings. It will suffer from fatigue after it gets old and surpasses its life expectancy. Take a minute to count how many years your roof has served you. Does it exceed its expectations? If your answer is yes, chances are you need a new roof.

Too many missing shingles

Roofs in Troy are often subjected to being overlooked and ignored until trouble sets in. It’s possible to find a roof with more than 50% missing and damaged shingles. At that point, no amount of repair will make logical sense as the costs may exceed half the cost of an entire roof replacement. Your roofing contractor will examine the state of your roof and the missing shingles and recommend the best solution.

Your roof epitomizes a chess checkerboard

Take a good look at your roof. You have probably been repairing your roof faithfully and replacing missing shingles immediately you see one missing. However, over the twenty or so years, due to replacing the missing and damaged shingles with new ones that may be or a different color, your roof now looks like a checkerboard. Also, the older shingles fade, leaving the new ones standing out. This reduces the general aesthetic of your roof, and many homeowners often opt for an entire roof replacement.

Your roof-line is sagging

A sagging roof deck is a major concern that every homeowner should pay attention to. It is typically a clear sign of a structural problem within the roofing system. At any moment, the roof could cave in and cause accidents and property damage. According to roofing experts in Troy, Michigan, if your roof is sagging, there could be a problem with the attic or foundation, which cannot be remedied with a simple fix. If you notice an asymmetry in your roof-line or a droop in your roof, take action immediately. Your only viable option in such a case would be to replace the roof.

Persistent roof leaks

Without a doubt, there is nothing as annoying as having to call in your roofing contractor to repair roof leaks every three months. You will begin to see that frequent repairs are expensive without any long-lasting solutions: a loss on your side. In cases where water damage is expensive, and a roof leak is difficult to track, you might want to save yourself the headache of constant roof fixes and get your roof replaced. It may make more logic in paying for a replacement rather than deal with accumulated repairs that don’t necessarily fix the issue.

Rotting underlay

The underlay is an integral component of the roof’s foundation. The underlay and tiles work side by side to ensure that water doesn’t invade the inner layers of your roof. Your roofer could patch simple wear or tear in the underlay and prevent further water damage to your roof. Nonetheless, untraceable or extensive tears in the underlay are quite problematic. The cracks expand over time if left unattended to, which encourages extensive leaks and rot. If your underlay is already damaged, it compromises the integrity of your roof’s foundation. No fixing skills will remedy the situation. In such a case, your roofer will recommend a new roof replacement as it’s entirely impossible to rip out the underlay without interfering with the roof.

Sometimes it can be difficult determining whether your roof requires a replacement or quick fix. An expert in the field will inspect your roof’s state and advise you best. In the meantime, these are some of the common signs that tell you it’s time to replace your roof.

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