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The Importance of Good Roof Ventilation in Troy Michigan

Besides the quality of roof materials you use and how you install your roof, attic ventilation also determines how effective your roofing system becomes. Usually, the roof ventilation regulates your indoor temperatures by drawing fresh air from the environment and pushing out the moisturized or hot air from the house. An insufficient attic can harm the health of your roof, thus decreasing its lifespan. Also, a damaged roof will call for repairs or afresh installation, which would affect your savings.

In most cases, excess heat and moisture are the major causes of roof damage. According to expert roofers from a reliable Michigan roof company, having efficient attic ventilation is very important. Here are some of the roof ventilation benefits you should know:

Enhances Roof Longevity

Inadequate roof installation results in the accumulation of heat and moisture in the loft. For instance, during winter, the humid air condenses on the roof and causes the formation of ice dams on the edges of your roof. These icicles damage the space below the roof and destroy the integrity of your roof by causing the roofing materials and deck to decay. As a result, you incur high repair costs. Perfect roofing ventilation in Troy prevents the snow from melting by pushing the warm air out, thus preventing ice build-up and roof damage.

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On the other hand, too much heat during summer causes water condensation on the roof. This causes the nails and roofing metals to rust and the deck to sag. With functional ventilation, the warm air from the house will escape to the environment, preventing heat and moisture accumulation on the roof.

Decreases Utility Bills

When summer comes, the heat from the environment accumulates inside your house, causing your HVAC to overwork. Not only does excess heat affect the lifespan of your AC, but it also increases the utility bills gradually. With proper roof ventilation, the hot air moves out easily. Thus, the AC uses less energy and decreases energy bills in the long run.

Prevents Mold and Algae

If your loft is faulty, moisture from the house will condense on your roof, walls, and ceilings. This will eventually cause mold and algae growth, which will not only damage your investment but also threaten the health of your family. When fungi infest your Troy house, you might notice a leaking ceiling, family members sneezing and coughing, or even a falling roofing gutter. However, an adequately ventilated roof gets rid of the moisture, making your indoor environment safer. If you intend to install a new roof or repair the current one, consult a certified roof company to get a job done correctly.

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Keeps off Pests

Animals such as insects, birds, and rodents are attracted to dark, warm, and dump roofs, especially during winter. Poorly-maintained attics help these unwanted visitors to find a home in your roof. Having pests in your house can be very stressful because they deposit droppings in the attic floor and any other part of the house. Besides causing structural damage, their droppings pose health risks such as respiratory problems and allergies to the family members. With a well-maintained Troy roofing system, you can keep pests at bay and avoid unnecessary stress.

To avoid the challenges associated with an insufficient loft, find a reputable roof company to restore adequate ventilation in your house. Working with roofing experts ensures your roofing system stays in good shape for many years and prevents frequent repairs and costly bills. If you find your roof ventilation has developed a problem or becoming faulty, ensure it is fixed on time. The Michigan professional roofers recommend you inspect your ventilation system regularly to maintain it in good shape.